Boneman Fever Part 4

Bored. Sick. Bored. Sick. Bored. Sick. Cramp. Cramp. Cramp. Head bustin. Eyes bustin. Chest bustin.

Bucket stink choking me. Bored. Sick. Bored. Sick. Bore . . . Aggggggghhhhhhh!!!!

I can’t stand this much longer!

How long before they cure me!

Getting weaker every day. Must rest. But I dread sleeping. Dreams come to me, visions of a spirit skeleton inside me. It talks. It stretches my flesh. It hates me for still being alive.

It tells me Ganhook is my enemy.

It tells me only it can free me from the torment. All I have to do is stop eating and drinking and taking all those tablets Ganhook gives me.

And I know I’ve been talking to myself because, somehow, I realised I was doing it and recorded the conversation on my phone. When I listened back, it sounded like something else was talking through me. That voice was telling me to escape, telling me Ganhook wanted me prisoner, telling me I needed to get help in my own world.

I almost whooped for joy when I heard myself asking this voice where that world was. It showed that, even in the middle of my fever, my mind was still strong enough to fight back against this thing.

Of course, the voice didn’t reply. The Boneman fever doesn’t know where I’m from. It just knows it could be a good place to get to too spread itself.

It’s a devious thing. Sometimes I’m rolling about with sweats and pains. Then I feel okay and energetic and planning an escape. It feels threatened being locked up in here with me. It wants out. It can only release itself when I die.

Us Fox’s, though, are hard to kill. I’d stay alive forever just to spite this thing.

And Aisling/Sparks is a great help. They tell me stories, offer me encouragement, and give me all the news. Apparently Shinytop is distraught about what’s happened to me. Stein Cat, too. The cat even wrote me a poem.

We know it’s tough in there right now

To honour your strength, we will bow

And when you’re better, and back on your feet

We’ll welcome you back with a fine big treat.

Though the ‘treat’ part sounded good, I just hope it won’t involve listening to any more of his rhymes.

Aisling told me that a mouse had told Stein Cat she’d overheard Ganhook swearing the healers to secrecy. If the Envelop Plantagen Guild got wind of my illness, they could try and get me transferred to their medical facilities in order to study the illness and possibly use it in their Plantagen designs.

Apparently they’ve been trying to catch and study a Boneman Fever for years. Well, if I could ‘uncatch’ it, they’re more than welcome to it.