Are you a world bulder? Do you wish to develop your imagination? Or are you curious about life in another dimension?

“Join me in Dunari.’


I’m Fox. I am broadcasting my podcast to you live from Dunari, a world where spirit storms rule the skies, monsters roam the lands, and humanity is so far down the food chain, a mix of magic skills, fighting skills, and luck is needed to survive. 

And I am cursed.

It is a family curse, an ancient punishment requiring one member of every generation of the Keyes family to pass through an interdimensional gateway and serve as a warrior detective under the control of a Dunari Imperator.

My great great great something or other caused this curse. Two hundred years ago, as he was constructing a house in a remote part of Ireland, he discovered an inter dimensional gateway beneath the land. He opened the gateway, killed a Dunari citizen on the far side, and upset the balance between worlds.

Hence the curse.

I have spent many years in Dunari. And now it’s time to log my experiences.  Along with this website, I will publish a weekly podcast documenting my life here.

So, if you’re interested in world building, developing your imagination, and experiencing life in another dimension first hand, please join me.

My mentor here is Ganhook, a scientist sorcerer, who resembles a cross between Dumbledore and a Viking. My current location is in Ganhook’s compound in the City of Bones, a human city built within a monster’s graveyard.

My job is ‘just about any dirty work Ganhook doesn’t want to do himself’. Examples of which are investigating ghost assassins, hunting shadow thieves, or cleaning the blood and gore following a rookpaw attack.

Well that’s how our relationship started. I do my own thing now, which sometimes involves ‘just about any dirty work paying clients don’t want to do.

So, if you want to know more, it starts here: here.

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