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“But if you really, really want to read my private diary of life in Dunari, I guess I can’t stop you. You have my permission to proceed.”  Fox.


My name is Colm Mc Geever. I am an IT teacher from Dublin, Ireland. I am also helping two of my pupils who are, right now, learning to survive in Dunari, a world where spirit storms rule the skies, monsters roam the lands, and humanity is so far down the food chain a mix of magic skills, fighting skills, and luck is needed to survive. 

Those young people are fourteen-year-old Fox Keyes and Aisling O’Heir. Cousins. Adventurers. Best friends.

Fox, though, is cursed.

It is a family curse, an ancient punishment requiring one member of every generation of the Keyes family to pass through an interdimensional gateway and spend five Dunari years serving as a warrior detective under the control of a Dunari king.

This all started for Fox long before he was born. For me, though, it started with a voice call from Fox at 4:27 AM one Wednesday morning telling me about Dunari. When he asked for my help in setting up a website to log his adventures there, I thought he was pranking me. True, he was a smart, honest and reliable student. When he insisted it was true, and gave me the location of the interdimensional gateway, I checked it out.

I looked through the gateway.

I inhaled the stink of death passing through it from the piles of bones beyond.

I heard the screams.

I’m never going through that gateway. Besides, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. Try to pass through without the blood of the Keyes family flowing through your veins and the gateway keeper will slaughter you.

Similar rules apply for anything trying to cross from Dunari to here. In fact, that’s how the curse came about in the first place. A Dunari adventurer crossed through, fought with one of Fox’s ancestors, and upset the balance between worlds.

If Fox says anything about how he got into Dunari, the curse will punish him. In fact, me mentioning tiny details here is an experiment to see if he suffers any consequences. If not, he’s planning to write a book about their journey to Dunari, and I will find a way to publish it without upsetting the curse.

About the author

My role is to provide the means for Fox and Aisling to log every aspect of their adventures. Hence this website. They provide the content.  Fox blogs. Aisling publishes the ‘Odd news from the City of Bones’ newsletter.

And, while I can teach them more IT, they have a more important teacher now, Ganhook the Magician, a sorcerer Fox describes as a cross between Dumbledore and a Viking. Their current location is in Ganhook’s compound in the City of Bones, a human city built within a monster’s graveyard.

Fox says that Ganhook enjoys teaching them magic. He also likes giving them all the dirty work he doesn’t want to do, like investigating ghost assassins or hunting shadow thieves or cleaning the blood and gore following a rookpaw attack. They also have to cook and clean for him, which isn’t easy either. Simply cleaning a toilet in Dunari is treacherous enough because you never know what might pop up out of the bowl.

And they are only the local tasks. Outside the city, things are much worse.

But this is not my story to tell.

This is Fox’s and Aisling’s.

And it starts here.

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