• So, just what is Dunari?

    Another dimension. That’s my best explanation. Born out of a great explosion, Dunari is so large that nobody I’ve met knows where it ends. It appears that the land mass is constantly expanding.

  • Where are you now?

    Aisling and I are based in The City of Bones, the capital city of the Borkath Kingdom.

  • What is The City of Bones?

    A monsters’ graveyard, and now a human city. Countless years ago great beasts came to die here. The spirits of some of these beasts still linger in their bones.

    When the first human adventurer tribes came this way, they discovered that the beast spirits protected their graveyard against any roaming spirit storms. Humans began to hollow out homes within the bones. The city grew quickly. The population now stands at over two million.

    And not all the inhabitants are human.

  • You live in bones?

    About sixty per cent of the city is made from bones. The tallest bones, rib bones, are where the elite live. Shinytop says it’s because they like to look down over everyone else. I think it might be because of the incredible views. Tallest of all is the Great Bones.

    The Imperator of Borkath lives in a fortress built on top of the Great Skull. His family, staff, and senior government officials occupy the Great Ribs. What occupies the sections of the Great Bones that lie underground is classified. Ganhook knows. But I doubt he’d tell us.

  • What were these great beasts?

     I don’t know. Many studies have been taken, but most information is classified for security reasons.

  • Do you guys ever visit home?

    Rarely. Our parents know where we are. They’re okay with things. And it’s not like they can do anything to change things anyway. Maybe someday we’ll find a way for them to safely visit us.

  • What about skipping school back home?

    Our parents arranged time off for us. We’re supposed to be staying with relatives long term in Australia.

  • How can you blog from another dimension?

    Aisling and I are mad into IT. We set up a wireless network. I left my laptop on the earth side of the gateway. I’ve put a mobile phone signal booster this side of the gateway and connected it back to my laptop. This is how I connect to the Internet. Cisco wireless kit. But the signal’s weak, hence no streaming. I get all the news though which is great.

  • Why only drawings and no photos?

    Cameras don’t work in Dunari. Aisling says it’s probably to do with the light wavelengths. It’s frustrating. I’m not much of a sketcher, but I’m improving.

  • Do you have magic powers?

    Huh! I wish. But I am learning some useful spells. Recently, just in case we’re out on a mission and there’s a rainstorm, Ganhook taught us how to bake bread without any fire.

  • Is there treasure there?

    Stacks of it. But, like anywhere else, it’s well guarded. Besides, I wouldn’t sacrifice a minute in here for a million euros spending money back home. I used to love Xbox. Now it’s like I’m in a game.

  • How dangerous is Dunari?

    If Godzilla turned up at a city gate, the guards wouldn’t bat an eyelid. People can deal with the monsters. It’s all the other stuff —phantasms, storms, demons and all the unknown they’re terrified of.

    Take the Wrecking Woods for example. It sprouted up west of the city and has been expanding ever since, colonizing the countryside with its deadly vegetation. Nobody knows how to stop it. And nobody knows much about what’s in it.

  • What happens if the gateway ever closes?

    I don’t know.

  • This blog is risky. What happens of the authorities pick up on it?

    It’s worth taking the risk. Not only does it allow us to share and document our journey, it keeps us anchored to back home and stops us going mad. And we need to keep anchored to life back home. Every day here is tough.

    Besides, if the authorities ever located the gateway, they’d never make it past the keeper. Not with all the traps.

  • What’s the food like?

    Delicious, though sometimes it’s best not to look too closely at it. Eg. Crawfish tastes like salmon but looks like doggie doo. And while Macadam juice gives an incredible energy boost, it tastes sourer than lemons and upsets my gut.

    The air is a lot purer here, too. Alpine valley fresh. No pollution.

  • What's the music like?

    Dangerous. Some of it, especially the drum beats, can stay for days inside your head. It would drive you nuts. I prefer my smartphone player. Right now I’m listening to Iceage, Twenty One Pilots, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and much more.

    Aisling’s learning a windfall, a pipe that passes through three wooden balls. Right now it sounds like a cat’s wail. But that’s progress. A few weeks ago it sounded more like a string of farts. Everyone here is desperately hoping she improves, and quickly. Ganhook's even arranging extra lessons for her.

  • Do you think you might eventually become Dunarised?

    An excellent question. And an excellent phrase. Sometimes I feel like part of me has already become Dunarised because I catch myself doing things like adapting my accent and using various tricks to blend in.

  • What’s your greatest fear?

    Aisling’s temper.  Seriously, though, Spirit Storms totally terrify everyone.

  • Do they have electricity, guns, cars and all our modern stuff?

    They have electricity, but rarely use it because it can attract electrical spirit storms.

    They use guns. But magic weapons are preferable.

    For environmental reasons, fossil fuels are absolutely forbidden. Hence no cars. But it’s amazing how animals here have been adapted for transportation. Eg. Sool horses can cover thirty miles an hour over rough terrain for up to ten hours. Mudflics can haul a raft across the thickest bog.

    Flying is possible too. They use gliders, balloons, Rore birds, giant insects and other, weirder methods.

    Lavun flight, however, is the way to go. Despite its horrendous cost, even the wealthy can’t avail of this. It’s restricted. Only vital services and emergency flights are prohibited—unless you’re a magician like Ganhook. Then you can pretty much fly whenever and wherever you want. I’ve been ‘up’ a few times. And, while it felt nice, Ganhook’s ‘flying Lavun clouds’ are dark so you can’t see out of them. I felt cheated.

  • Lavun! What's that?

    The basic component of magic. When the Great Explosion happened, Lavun was produced and scattered across the land. Despite an enormous industry created to find Lavun, only traces of it are ever discovered. It's immensely powerful, and immensely valuable.

  • If electricity is dangerous, how do you and Aisling power your smartphones and laptops?

    We use a solar roll recharger. Folks here think our smartphones and laptops are magic. And we let them think that. Ganhook knows the truth. But he says the electrical charges from our gear isn’t high enough to cause problems.

  • Can I contact you?

    Of course.

    Send me a mail at: info@worldofdunari.com