• So, just what is Dunari?

    Another dimension. Endless and dangerous and fascinatingly beautiful.

  • Where are you now?

    I am mostly based in The City of Bones, the capital the Sevenoath Kingdom.

  • What is The City of Bones?

    A monsters’ graveyard, and now a human city. Countless years ago great beasts choose this place to end their days. The spirits of these beasts linger here, protecting the site bones from roving spirit storms.

    Humans found sanctuary here. Now the population is over two million.

    And not all the inhabitants are human.

  • You live in bones?

    Yes. Above and below ground. Where there are no bones, there are houses.

  • What were these great beasts?

     All anyone knows about them is that they came from the west, and crossed the Algoth Mountains to get here. Some died attempting to get here. Their skeletons provide safe havens throughout the land.

  • Do you guys ever visit home?

    Eleven years after I arrived here, I won the right to travel freely through the interdimensional gateway. Apart from a two-tear gateway closure due to Covid, I travel frequently betwen Dunari and Ireland. For privacy reasones, i won't give details.

  • What about skipping school back home?

    Though my parents knew where I was, they declared me 'missing'. This satisfied the authorities.

  • How can you blog from another dimension?

    I am fascinated by technology. I followed the development of the internet and the networking abilities it enabled. I set up a wireless network. After hooking up a weatherproof Cat 8 ethernet cable to a server in my uncle's basement in Ireland, I ran the cable through the gateway, and connected it to a Cisco wireless antennae. I have more wireless Cisco kit setup in the compound to receive signals. I also have portable kit to carry with me when I'm moving through Dunari. This gives me internet access.

  • Why only drawings and no photos?

    Cameras don’t work due to the light wavelenght. I'm experimenting with ways to get around this.

  • Do you have magic powers?

    Huh! I wish. But I have learned some neat Lavun spells.

  • Is there treasure there?

    This whole world is a treasure. But I'm banned from bringing anything back to Ireland. Big deal. I wouldn’t sacrifice a minute in here for a million euros spending money back home. Being here is like living inside a game. Dangerous and exciting at the same time.

  • How dangerous is Dunari?

    Very. I wouldn't know where to start. Let's just say that if Godzilla appeared at a city gate, the guards wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

  • What happens if the gateway ever closes?

    I don’t know.

  • This site is risky. What happens of the Irish authorities pick up on it?

    It’s worth taking the risk. Not only does it allow us to share and document our journey, it keeps us anchored to back home and stops us going mad. And we need to keep anchored to life back home. Every day here is tough.

    Besides, if the authorities ever located the gateway, they’d never make it past the keeper. Not with all the traps.

  • What’s the food like?

    Delicious, though sometimes it’s best not to look too closely at it. Eg. Crawfish tastes like salmon but looks like doggie doo. And while Macadam juice gives an incredible energy boost, it tastes sourer than lemons and upsets my gut.

    The air is a lot purer here, too. Alpine valley fresh. No pollution.

  • What’s the music like?

    Dangerous. Some of it, especially the drum beats, can stay for days inside your head. It would drive you nuts. I prefer my smartphone player. Right now I’m listening to Iceage, Twenty One Pilots, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and much more.

    I'm learnging a windfall, a pipe that passes through three wooden balls. Right now it sounds like a cat’s wail. But that’s progress. A few weeks ago it sounded more like a string of farts.

  • Do you think our civilization could merge with the Dunari civilization?

    No. Invariably, when a highly advanced civilization is exposed to a more primitive culture, mayhem follows.

  • So you’re afraid our civilization would overwhelm Dunari?

    No. It’s the other way around.

  • What happens if others from our side discover the gateway?

    Unlucky for them.

  • Do you think you might eventually become Dunarised?

    An excellent question. And an excellent phrase. Sometimes I feel like I already am Dunarised. But I plan to retire back home to Ireland.

  • What’s your greatest fear?

    Ganhook's beard.  Seriously, though, Spirit Storms terrify everyone.

  • Do they have electricity, guns, cars and all our modern stuff?

    I've taken an oath not to ever mention certain details of Dunari technology.

    They have electricity, but rarely use it because it can attract electrical spirit storms.

    They use guns. But lavun based weapons are preferable.

    For environmental reasons, fossil fuels are banned. Animals and lavun powered machines are used for transport.

    Flying is possible, too. They use gliders, balloons, Rore birds, giant insects and other, weirder methods.

    Lavun flight, however, is the way to go. But this is restricted to the Guilds.

    Taking to the air in a lavun powered cloud transport is amazing.

  • Lavun! What’s that?

    The basic power source. It is found scattered across the land. Despite an enormous industry created to find Lavun, only traces of it are ever discovered.

    It’s immensely powerful, and immensely valuable.

  • If electricity is dangerous, how do you and Aisling power your smartphones and laptops?

    I use a solar roll recharger. The electrical discharges from my tech gear isn't high enough to cause problems with storms.

  • Can I contact you?

    I'd love to hear from you.

    Best way to do it is through my Discord server: https://discord.gg/2gW7NDDV