Welcome to Fox AI

I’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have about four of the characters in Dunari, and the city they live in, The City of Bones.

The characters are:

Fox (that’s me).

Ganhook: My mentor and master magician.

Shinytop: The spirit of an executed thief imprisoned in a walking stick made from the branch of the hanging tree he was hung from.

Stein Cat: A cat with 999 lives. This cat is human sized, walks on two feet, and talks. She is also very, very curious, which means she loses lots of lives investigating dangerous things. Every time she dies, a ghost version of her is created.

We all live in Ganhook’s Fortress (AKA The Seventh Relic Fortress). The fortress lies in the City of Bones, a coastal city located in the world of Dunari.

Fox AI will require you to input your email address. But this is simply to verify that you are human and not a bot. No data harvesting occurs.



Some starting prompts could include questions like character age, fears, ambitions, worst experiences, nicknames, and whatever you can think of.

Discover the City of Bones by asking about healthcare, accommodation, the relics, the bones, the Bone Shadows, and whatever you can think of.

Maybe you’ll get an answer. Maybe you won’t. I’ve a bit of a dodgy memory, you see. I can’t possibly remember everything I see in Dunari.

Sample questions:

About Fox: What’s it like passing through the inter-dimensional gateway?

About Ganhook: What was Ganhook’s worst accident?

About Shinytop: What is Shinytop’s ambition?

About Stein Cat: When did Stein Cat first realise she was special?

About the City of Bones: What is the City of Bones?

I hope you enjoy.