Who is Shinytop?

Shinytop is the ghost of a thief imprisoned in a walking stick. The stick was carved from a branch of the hanging tree Shinytop was executed on.

By his own account, Shinytop (real name withheld for security reasons) was the Prince of Thieves in The City of Bones.

Considering he knows a lot about the inside of the City Gaol and the Undersea Prison, that title is debatable. Good thieves don’t get caught.

When asked why he began his life of crime, he states, ‘My father was a drunk. I grew up in the gutter. I needed food.’

Nobody believes this. Why? Because Ganhook uncovered his background. Shinytop was the son of a sea merchant and a chef. He grew up in the respectable Gwoan neighborhood and followed the Guild Explorer track at school before he dropped out age sixteen.

Something went wrong then. We don’t know what. And he won’t tell.

One thing is certain. His knowledge of thievery, trickery, espionage, house breaking, safe breaking, and other ‘ways of the thief’ are invaluable to me when we’re out on jobs. Grumpy as he is, he’s become a friend.

He also advises the City Guards whenever a major theft stumps them. That’s why he doesn’t want his real name mentioned anywhere. He doesn’t want to be labelled a snitch.

Greatest boast: Acquiring a dozen silver leaves from the Lady Mastigan’s subterranean garden.

Worst experience: Being hung for stealing from Ganhook. He’d breached the ‘ten strikes and you swing’ rule. Following his execution on the city hanging tree, his spirit was sentenced to a hundred years imprisonment in the tree. His spirit wandered within the tree until a storm toppled it. Ganhook drove Shinytop into a branch, cut the branch, and had it fashioned into a walking stick.

Now Shinytop is serving out his sentence in Ganhook’s compound.

He’s been trying to get out of that stick ever since.

Most annoying thing: Being polished with wood oil.