Who is Shinytop?

Shinytop is the ghost of a thief imprisoned in a walking staff. The staff was carved from a branch of the hanging tree Shinytop was executed on.

Or that’s what we believe he is.

Nobody really knows. Ganhook discovered the walking staff in the ruins of a fortress high in the Algoth Mountains. Shinytop doesn’t remember how he got there. Nor does he remember much before his execution except that he was an excellent thief.

Following his execution for thievery, his spirit was sentenced to a further 150 years imprisonment in the hanging tree. When the hanging tree collapsed after a lightning strike, someone or some ‘thing’ drove Shinytop’s spirit into a branch, removed the branch, and fashioned it into a walking stick.

Ganhook believes that Shinytop has important information about humanity’s deadliest enemies, the Spirit Storms.

Despite Ganhook’s best efforts, he has failed to unlock any secrets from Shinytop’s mind.

Nevertheless, his knowledge of thievery, trickery, espionage, house breaking, safe breaking, and other ‘ways of the thief’ are invaluable to me when we’re out on jobs. Grumpy as he is, he’s become a friend.