Who is Sparks?

One hundred and seven years ago, Ganhook was called to a county in the Sterne Mountains to deal with a fire breathing demon that was terrorising the locality. He spent two months hunting it before cornering it in a village at the foot of the Sterne Step Cliffs. In the ensuing battle the village was incinerated, but Ganhook slew the demon and snared the creature’s last breath in a fire repellent bottle.

That last breath of fire is Sparks.

Sparks is a unique mix of demon fire and the demon’s spirit. Once back in his compound, the demon admitted that it never wanted to be troublesome and is now content to burn on a bed of its own bones in Ganhook’s kitchen hearth.

Flames from this fire are the only flames allowed within Ganhook’s compound. He uses them as a heating system, lighting system (candles and lamps) and for burning trash. He’s teaching us how to handle the embers too, so we can bring them with us when we venture outside the city on jobs. Apparently they’re a great power source. A single ember will stay hot for a month, and can be used to light fires, lamps and defensive torches no matter what the weather.

Sometimes, when Ganhook gets nervous about things, he lights a couple of dozen Sparks lamps and sets them around the compound. He says the demon’s power provides an extra layer of protection around the place. I don’t know how true that is. But it lights up the whole place with a beautifully relaxing glow.

Rumours abound that Ganhook’s beard was singed in the battle. But neither Sparks nor Ganhook never talks about the battle, so I doubt we’ll ever discover the truth.

Oh, and Sparks seems to be getting lazy in its retirement. At exactly midnight the flames sink away into low embers and won’t rise again until six-thirty AM no matter how we try and coax them up. That means lots of cold porridge breakfasts when we’re up early.