Who is Stein Cat? (Aka Ganhook's Cat.)

What is Stein Cat might be a better question? He’s got an ego bigger than Ganhook’s Beard. He thinks he’s smarter than everyone, tougher than anything, is immortal, a born gymnast, athlete, detective and, recently, a rapper.

Okay, so he can talk, has a charmed life, is sort of cool and mostly independent. The fact that he rose from the gutter to become Ganhook’s trusted aide is impressive too. He won’t tell us how he achieved that though. Even when Aisling promised to scratch behind his ears for fifteen minutes every day for a week, he refused to tell us how he rose to power. He wants us to build him a website to promote himself and his detective side business. Then he’ll tell us. I laughed so much at that, it was a while before I realised he shouldn’t even know what a website is. There’s no Internet here. Nothing even like it. Then Aisling realised that he’d been watching us update our website, and saw an opportunity to promote himself, not in Dunari, but back home.

I was so impressed by his sheer cheek, I decided he’d get his website. That’s if Colm’s okay with it.

The rapping started shortly after I played him some Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky a few weeks ago. Now he thinks he’s born to rap. Here’s an example.

          I’m the cat with the most cool.

          Gonna set up my own cool cat school

          Teach you all how to street rule

          Let no one take you for no fool.


Imagine a cat wailing that with no music. Bizarre, but interesting. Even more bizarre, he’s got a big collection of bling. He’s always wearing a gold chain, collar, or paw ring. Maybe we should get him some shades.

He brings his lucky charm with him wherever he goes. It’s a small round stone full of odd inscriptions. Aisling and I were so intrigued by this, we did some research on small round stones. Turns out it’s actually a location stone. High technology, developed by the Exploration Guild and supposedly only used by them.

There are two parts to the stone. One part is used by explorers. The second part is held by the explorer’s employer. If the explorer runs into trouble he can send a message with his exact co-ordinates to his employer in order to be rescued.

The biggest mystery of all isn’t how Stein Cat got this stone (we figure only Ganhook, as his employer, could have acquired it for him), but why someone so proud and independent as Stein Cat needs it. He’s always bragging about all his lives. Must be something to do with that.