Who is Stein Cat? (Aka Ganhook's Cat.)

What is Stein Cat might be a better question? She’s got nine hundred and ninety nine lives, and every times she dies, another ‘Stein Cat’ ghost gets added to her entourage.

She also has an ego bigger than Ganhook’s Beard.

Okay, so she can talk, walk on two legs, has a charmed life, is hard as nails and smarter than a mathematician. In Dunari, that doesn’t make you special.

Those ghosts, though, are . . . well, unique.

Nobody knows just how often she’s died. She’s a troubleshooter who gets sent into the worst situations, so it’s a lot. Whenever she’s asked about it, she replies, ‘My book will soon be published. All my secrets are revealed in there.’

Trouble is, she’s being saying that since forever.

I don’t know how good a writer is. But since she heard me play some Kendrick Lamar, she’s taken up rapping, and I’m very aware of how good she is at that.

Here’s an example.

          I’m the cat with the most cool.

          Gonna set up my own cool cat school

          Teach you all how to street rule

          Let no one take you for no fool.


It’s bad. Real bad. That high-pitched wailing would crack a diamond.