Who is the Imperator?

The Ruler of Borkon! The Protector of the City! The Scourge of all Storms!

She has a title for every day of the week.

She is the direct descendant of the chieftain that discovered the monsters’ graveyard and learned how it could provide a safe haven for his people. The Imperator resides in the Great Skull, and is never seen in public. She is known to occasionally leave her stronghold and wander the city at night to keep an eye on things. Ganhook confirmed this. Well, at least he nodded when Aisling asked about it.

The closest we’ve got to the Imperator is one of her senior aides, General Leva, a giant black man who has a perpetual fire simmering in his beard. Even Ganhook doesn’t visit the Great Skull often. He prefers to deal with General Leva.

It is said that the Imperator spends most of her time in a comatose symbiosis with the spirit of the Great Bones. This was the deal struck with the spirits to guarantee the humans’ protection. The details of this deal are a three-thousand-year-old secret. Legend has it that if the details ever become known, the protection will be withdrawn, and the city will fall.

Though Ganhook says that’s only gossip, he never really sounds convincing.