Who is the Imperator?

The Ruler of Sevenoath! The Protector of the City! The Scourge of all Storms!

She has many titles.

She is the direct descendant of, Gotvar, the explorer chieftain that founded the City of Bones.

It was Gotvar who discovered the monsters’ graveyard and learned to communicate with the spirits in order to finally provide a safe haven for his people. legend says that the tribes spent a thousand years migrating west to escape the western spirit storms.

But nobody really knows.

The Imperator resides in the Great Skull, and spends most of her time in a comatose symbiosis with the spirit of the Skull. This was the deal struck with the spirits to guarantee the humans’ protection. The details of this deal are a three-thousand-year-old secret. It is said that if the details ever become known, the city will fall.

Though Ganhook says that’s only gossip, he never sounds convincing.