Are you a world builder? Do you wish to develop your imagination? Or are you curious about life in another dimension?

Welcome to the home of the Insider Worldbuilding from the World of Dunari podcast, the place to experience life in another dimension, told from the perspective of a visitor to that dimension.

I’m Fox Keyes. That visitor is me. That dimension is called Dunari. And I’ve lived here since I was tricked into passing through an inter-dimensional gateway just after my fourteenth birthday.

Tricked, you wonder?

Yes! Completely, absolutely, one-hundred-per-cent conned. It’s a long story. Let’s just say it involves an ancient family curse, a cowardly uncle, imprisoned parents, an inter-dimensional gateway, and countless lies from the keeper of that gateway.

And once I arrived in Dunari, I had to learn fast to survive. Otherwise, instead of passing back home through the inter-dimensional gateway, I’d have passed through the digestive system of any of the countless monsters here, and my remains would have been fought over by the Dunari equivalent of dung beetles.

If it hadn’t been for a mage called Ganhook, who became my mentor, I wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes in this world.

Thirty years have passed since I entered this world. Now it’s time to log my experiences.

I will publish a podcast episode every two weeks. Each twenty-minute show will include an introduction, a Dunari survival lesson I was taught, a deep dive into that lesson about how it may help you to world build, and I’ll finish with a ‘strange but true’ snippet.

Each episode is also summarised in the show notes. These summaries take the form of letters. These are the letters I would have written to my parents if I’d been able to communicate with them.

So, if you’re interested in world building, developing your imagination, and experiencing life in another dimension first hand, please join me.

I live in a fortress made from the bones of long dead monsters. That fortress lies in a city sculpted from the skeletons of long dead monsters. The city is protected by the spirits of those long dead monsters.

I’ve worked as a Lavun miner, spirit catcher, a baker, and cloud wrangler. I’ve raised great beasts from the bottom of the Bodenless Sea to harvest shellfish from their hides. I’ve piloted cloud transports through blizzards, reasoned with sentient forests, and fought spirit storms.

I’ve seen wonderous things—a Scyan gateway implosion . . . a galux horde feeding under a blood moon . . . the Algoth Mountains’ clifftop gardens in spring bloom . . .
My job is ‘just about any dirty work Ganhook doesn’t want to do himself’. Examples of which are investigating ghost assassins, hunting shadow thieves, or cleaning the blood and gore following a rookpaw attack.

Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work. I do my own thing now, which usually involves ‘just about any dirty work paying clients don’t want to do’.

So, if you want to know more, check out my About Me page or go straight to my Podcast.

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