Do they have electricity, guns, cars and all our modern stuff?

They have electricity, but rarely use it because it can attract electrical spirit storms.

They use guns. But magic weapons are preferable.

For environmental reasons, fossil fuels are absolutely forbidden. Hence no cars. But it’s amazing how animals here have been adapted for transportation. Eg. Sool horses can cover thirty miles an hour over rough terrain for up to ten hours. Mudflics can haul a raft across the thickest bog.

Flying is possible too. They use gliders, balloons, Rore birds, giant insects and other, weirder methods.

Lavun flight, however, is the way to go. Despite its horrendous cost, even the wealthy can’t avail of this. It’s restricted. Only vital services and emergency flights are prohibited—unless you’re a magician like Ganhook. Then you can pretty much fly whenever and wherever you want. I’ve been ‘up’ a few times. And, while it felt nice, Ganhook’s ‘flying Lavun clouds’ are dark so you can’t see out of them. I felt cheated.