Who is Ganhook?


Ganhook is a vital part of my family’s curse. Whenever a member of the Keyes family is obliged to enter Dunari, he’s their contact who advises and trains them up for life here.

Rumoured to be the most powerful member of the Lavun Wizard Guild, much of his background is classified for obvious security reasons. I don’t know much of it, but if I mentioned anything that he hasn’t authorised me to mention, he could well seal/imprison me in a Brand Cow fart for a few days, weeks, or months.

So, all I’ll say is that he’s over three hundred (Earth) years old, has a talking beard, snores loudly at night and gets annoyed when we don’t listen. And, because all the previous Keyes’ that came here were adults, he refers to us as children, though I think he really calls us that out of some deep paternal instinct/concern. He knows I was tricked into coming in here four years before I was due to enter. I get no special favours because of it.

Right now he’s teaching us how to survive in this world using basic magic, espionage, detective, fighting and outdoors skills. And that’s just to survive. If we’re to thrive, we need to learn advanced skills like:

  1. Navigating all the different type of Envelop Plantagen Guild natural defence, attack and imprisonment systems.
  2. Advanced sorcery. The ability to cast a spell without dying or transforming into something weird in the process.
  3. Diplomatic and language skills (spoken and sign) to deal with the known human tribes in this world that can be dealt with.
  4. How to deal with the monsters who can be dealt with. Eg. The vigneot, a four legged scaly man eater that lurks in forests but can be soothed by the sound of someone playing a windfall pipe.
  5. Exploring the unknown. This is more guesswork because, if nobody knows what’s in the unknown, how can they prepare for it.


We can’t offer him much. But when Aisling told him he dressed like a worn out monk, he wasn’t long about asking our advice on updating/modernising his style. Now, when he greets visitors or goes out on business, the robes are replaced with cool leather coats, knee length boots, and wrap around shades.

He also liked our t-shirt style. So we picked up some new ones when we were last home. He loved them. It’s odd to see an ancient wizard stalking around the compound with an Iron Maiden t-shirt featuring Eddie the Head looming over a demonic leprechaun. Somehow, though, it feels right. Ganhook says Eddie reminds him of something. I really, really don’t want to meet that something. Ever!

And, though we rarely see past this strict mentor role, I think he’s glad of our company. It must be hard living alone in a compound this big.

Aisling and I know who Ganhook really is and where he came from. But the only way we can release that information is if my book idea with Colm works.